So you say you want a baby, huh?

Being a first time mom is an experience, to say the least.  God made sure to give me what I prayed for – a boy; oh the joy! When people ask “how motherhood is going” my response is: “If I’m being honest, some days are great and I love it and other days, I’m like ‘WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO???’”

You can read all the books, watch all the videos, and ask all the people you want about babies, but none of that will prepare you for the real thing!

Today is the 2 month mark for Austin.


And boy, let me tell you… it’s been a ride so far!  Every day is not cute smiles and playfulness.  All the social media pictures and videos you see of him are the happy moments.  There are some not-so-happy moments we deal with too.


Now, I thank GOD my baby is not colicky. However, there are some times he cries after he’s been fed, changed, and entertained.  He loves to fight sleep, ALREADY!  There are many days where he’d nap for 10-20 minutes at a time and then stay up with me all day.  Some days this is fun and cute because, after all, what mom doesn’t want to cuddle and play with their baby?  And other days it’s downright annoying!  I need to get things done around the house and/or get some quiet time to collect my thoughts and by the time I sit down good, he’s awake and wanting attention (he’s just a baby you say.  Yeah yeah… it’s still annoying!)


Ahhh… there’s nothing worse than seeing your baby scratch his face and head because he’s itching and he can’t do anything to get relief. At his one month checkup, he had red bumps on his face.  “Oh, that’s just baby acne, it will go away on its own”, they said.  Umm… a week later, my baby was almost digging in his face because it was irritated.  So I took him BACK to the doctor and she says “oh, that looks like eczema” *sigh*  She prescribed hydrocortisone and sent us on our way.  Well, that stopped the redness, but his face still looked dry and felt rough.  My solution – Exerderm body wash and whipped shea butter/coconut oil (that I whipped myself *pats self on back*)

As if the “eczema” breakout wasn’t enough, he began pulling his hair and digging in his scalp. The culprit – cradle cap that turned into extremely dry scalp… UGH man! My solution – coconut oil, comb it out, then wash it with Exerderm baby shampoo.  After about 3 days of this, cradle cap disappeared, but the annoying, itchy dry scalp still lingered for about another week; its clearing now, thank God. I still use the baby shampoo and coconut oil for relief.  If there are any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

Sleepless Nights… and sometimes DAYS


Every new mom dreads this! If you don’t, you’re crazy.  Waking every 2 hours, sometimes every hour is for the birds.  If you’re breastfeeding it’s even worse because you’re the milk source, not dad, but YOU!  So unless dad is off work (like you) and is able to wake up to warm a bottle, the night time feedings are all you, boo.  It gets tiring and old… QUICK!  But hey, what are you gonna do?  After all, you wanted this, right?

During the day – If your baby is anything like mine, he will only nap when he feels like it. Most times my baby cat naps.  He takes 20 minute naps every 3 hours during the day.  If you do the math, that’s not a lot of time for you to do anything.  By the time you put him down, and go warm food, he’s awake again.  You will master the art of eating with one hand or eating cold food very quickly. Oh the joy!



I’m not sure if this is just my baby, or most breastfed babies, but my baby wants only me and the boob most times. Not dad and a bottle, but me!  How frustrating is that?  While some people love the idea of someone solely depending on them, I don’t like it at all.  I like the idea of being able to leave the house and the baby while going to take care of business and knowing that he’s not crying his eyes out because he wants mommy.  To top it off… try taking a poop or a long shower while baby is around and awake… you will learn how to shower in 5 minutes and poop when he’s sleep (unless you like hearing him cry; I’m quickly learning its okay for him to cry *sad face*).

Bottom line

I’ve learned its okay for baby to cry sometimes; it’s okay to call in reinforcements (my mother and my mother-in-law are life savers); it’s okay to take a moment to… yes, cry like a baby yourself; it’s okay if the laundry piles up or if you can’t wash and fold all in the same day; and most importantly, it’s okay to take at least 30 minutes a day for yourself (that’s why baby has a daddy!); at the end of the day, ITS OKAY, life will go on and you and baby will be just fine. As a new mom, all of this was hard for me to grasp, but I am quickly learning what works for us so that I can stay sane.

Come back next month! There’s more!

17 thoughts on “So you say you want a baby, huh?

  1. Melva says:

    Wow! Just like I remember 15 years ago. The joy and the not so joyful moments. Being honest with self is the best thing during this time, I would tell me self you like this and that knowing I didn’t because I wanted to “be ” the perfect mom, but that went away with child number 2, and in the end I was better. I love being a mom, but didn’t always like what went along with it at times. And that’s ok! You will be ok! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Monae says:

    Girl I am with you on the breastfeeding love the bonding. The depending on mommy gets better over time. But in the long run you are the source of comfort so always will look for you. I’m sure you are doing an amazing job.

    Keep that mind set of what works best for you and your family.


  3. Michelle D. says:

    THIS was hilarious! 😂😂😂 The realness, the realness. I am seven (almost eight) months in, and I’m finally able to take a shower and do multiple loads of laundry … in the same day! (Well, on a good day, maybe. Lol.) I thought I’d never see the day. Fortunate for me, my baby girl slept like a champ (after midnight!) early on. I think I’d pull my hair out if my baby slept in 20-minute increments!


    • beyondavg1 says:

      Hahahahahahaha! Sometimes my mom would call to check on me and ask if he’s still awake. The answer is usually “yes🙄” I’m used to it now. He’s learned to sit in his chair, suck his fingers & watch me get stuff done. Now at night, he’s still waking every 2-3 hours. I’m looking forward to the days when he sleeps for at least 5 hours! Thanks for reading!


  4. Jeanette says:

    I absolutely love this post and I laughed because I remember this just like it was yesterday lol. I busted out laughing about the learning how to eat cold food part because that was never my thing!

    Keep up the great work boo!!! BTW I love the pic of Austin looking at the boobs lol.


  5. Diane Jackson says:

    Great blog and you summed it up perfectly! And you are correct it will get better/easier before you know it. Hang in there and remember it’s 1000% worth every second of it😊


  6. Tee says:

    ABSOLUTELY REAL, TRUE & HONEST! Transparency is what makes your story amazing, this alone will touch the hearts of many new parents. Parenthood is rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Looking forward to reading next month’s post! Mommyhood looks GREAT on YOU! Xoxox


  7. FEC says:

    This is awesome!!! You are hilarious Mrs. Lattimore! What you don’t verbalize through speaking, you make up for on paper. It’s totally relatable and real. I love this! Keep it going ma’am…


  8. Nas says:

    OMG!! This sums up EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now!! I have a 7 week old and THIS IS MY LIFE!! The joys of motherhood…would not trade it for anything.


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