So, is there a such thing as a fourth trimester?

I’ve heard about the fourth trimester, but I brushed it off and never paid it much attention, since at this point, the baby is no longer inside my body, so why do I care about another trimester? The logic behind this term is that the first 3 months of a baby’s life is a big transition from womb to world.  All the adjustments and growing pains that happen in the 3 months after childbirth and your baby’s first 3 months of life are very real and I can see why some people refer to this time period as the fourth trimester.

I’ve experienced everything from sleepless nights, to hair loss from hormone changes, to questioning whether this is what I signed up for, and then the realization that I’m actually a mom and yes, I AM cut out for this! Let’s talk about:

Sleepless nights AND days

This is worth mentioning again as I recap my fourth trimester. I was a huge napper before and during my pregnancy.  If I could squeeze in an hour nap somewhere, I was doing it (because let’s face it, anything less than an hour will do nothing but piss you off…lol) Sundays were a definite nap day, no questions asked; come home from church, start dinner and NAP!

But a nap now, is out of the question. They say “sleep when baby sleeps”. Yeah, that sounds good IF your baby actually sleeps during the day…lol Ok, ok… in all fairness, he slept good for about the first month of his life, after that, he was bright eyed, bushy tailed pretty much all day/every day – and still is.  However, at night, he now sleeps in four hour stretches, which is LOVELY!



OMG, I’m losing my hair! 😱

It started about 8 weeks postpartum (it’s now tapering off). So you know I had to research this to see if it was normal.  And yes, it’s perfectly normal to lose hair after you have a baby; it’s a hormone thing.  I was losing so much hair, I thought I’d be bald for sure.  Here is the result of me simply combing my hair and running my fingers through it.  Can you imagine this happening every day?!


Questioning myself

There are moments where I’ve asked myself if this is for me – this whole mommy thing? I like naps, I like quiet time (like I can literally sit or drive in silence for hours), I like being alone! Sidebar – how can I like being alone and I’m married?  Because he likes being alone too… we’re both loners.  We can be in the same house in different rooms and both be content, and not question why the other person isn’t around; we’re weird.

Then comes this little person who totally flipped all that upside down for me. Austin Kristopher is teaching mommy so much about herself. I’ve learned how selfish I can be with my time and attention.  I can get in a “loner mode” so to speak, and just want to be left alone!  Just me, myself and my thoughts; my husband can deal with me, because he’s the same way and my other 2 kids are pretty self-sufficient, so they don’t need much from me when I’m in my “loner mood”.  But mommy has learned that I can’t be that way when there’s an infant in the house (duh, right?).  I have to be “on” at all times when he’s awake (I’ve learned to take my quiet time when he’s sleeping or give him to daddy and walk away).

The light bulb 💡

True story – So I’m frustrated and tired, Austin is crying for attention and I’m in a mood, and then I pick him up (because I hate to hear him cry), look into his big bright eyes (he has mommy’s eyes), and he smiles at me like I’m the best thing in the world to him and suddenly all moods, frustration and selfishness goes away. And then there’s the light bulb and a bit of emotion – I am eternally grateful to God for giving him to me and entrusting ME to be his mother.  I carried him in my uterus for 42 whole weeks, labored tirelessly for HOURS, and delivered this healthy baby boy.  I couldn’t be happier, more fulfilled and content.  He’s such a happy baby and a joy to have.  He’s growing and learning and mommy is growing and learning too.  I’m becoming a better me (more in touch with my emotions) because of him.

Happy 3 months baby boy!

2 thoughts on “So, is there a such thing as a fourth trimester?

  1. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Fourth trimester.. makes sense! My baby is 3 months as well… For some reason I thought I would have her and be myself again right away! I guess because during my pregnancy I wanted to feel normal again so bad… yesterday I realized I have to give myself time to adjust.. mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually… so we’ll see what’s next after this fourth trimester.. lol


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