Where are YOU?

When I ask the question – where are you – I’m not talking about your physical location. Let’s consider this question in relation to your purpose in life… your dreams… your goals… your passion.  What excites you? What would you do with your life if money wasn’t a factor; if fear wasn’t a factor; if your caring – what people think of you – wasn’t a factor?  What happens if you dealt with all those “factors” head on and just went for “it”; whatever that “it” is for you?

Dreaming was so easy to do as a child; you could dream up tons of things and really believe they would happen.  But at some point between childhood and adulthood LIFE happens and you begin to dream less and believe even lesser.  Your reality becomes whatever hand you’ve been “dealt” and you kinda just go with it; you stop dreaming, stop believing and ultimately stop living.  You become robotic and so accustomed to the mundane routine until you forget to dream.

My sister recently took a leap of faith and moved across country to California in pursuit of her lifelong dream. She dreamed of being on television since she was a kid and I believe she will see that dream manifested in the near future.  No matter what life threw her way, she persevered, she kept pushing, and she was determined!

Well, when she moved, it sparked something in me and I had to ask myself the question; “what are MY dreams”?  To be honest, I couldn’t answer that question.  Somehow, I’d lost my way, I’d forgotten myself… my power, my vision, my gift.  I got stuck in the mundane routine of everyday life and forgot what it was like to LIVE – to make a difference, to make an impact, to feel alive.  I’d allowed life to dictate my days instead of me speaking life to my days.

Well those days are over! I will no longer sit back and allow life to pass me by.  I have made a decision to stand in my God-given authority and speak LIFE to my purpose, speak LIFE to my vision, and speak LIFE to my goals because somewhere in all of that is a dream; my life is bigger than me.  I was put here to fulfill a purpose and make a difference and that’s what I’ll do!

So, where are YOU today?

I said all that to admonish my readers to locate yourself… find your way back to that childlike faith; find your way back to that kid who used to dream BIG and actually believe it would come to pass; find your way back to living life. And if you’re the kind of person who never had that kind of faith, its not too late.  As long as you still have life in your body, you have a life to LIVE.  Start NOW; go for it; LIVE your dream!





One thought on “Where are YOU?

  1. Tee says:

    Absolutely love this! We all need that extra push and encouragement. Thank you for being an inspiration to many by being a living example of following one’s dream. From one dreamer to another… Let’s LIVE, LOVE and BLAZE a trail with our God given purpose(s).

    Peace, Love & Light,


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