Looking forward

There’s this fascination with what “was” or what “used to be”. It’s almost like a high.  I don’t know this first hand, but most addicts become addicted to something because they become hooked after the first time.  That initial feeling or high is so great, so wonderful, and makes them feel so good, until it makes them obsessed with obtaining THAT feeling again.  Have we become so addicted to the old or what “was” that we’ve lost sight of what “is” or what can be?  Have we become so addicted to that unhealthy relationship, that dead-end job, that unhealthy lifestyle, etc. because of how it once made us feel?  At one point you were so in love; at one point you were thriving on the job, at one point (when you had good metabolism…lol) that unhealthy diet was good.  But now, in the present, your relationship sucks, your job sucks, and you’re getting fat.  But what happened?  You didn’t change anything.  So why are things different?

I’ll tell you what happened. Time happened.  Life happened.  And while you were just going with the flow, things changed, but you didn’t.  There’s no growth without change.  You haven’t grown in years, you’ve become stagnant.  And now, in your present state, you realize it, but you haven’t changed your actions.  Instead, you’ve become so obsessed with regaining what “was” and what “used to be” until you can’t focus on your future.  You can’t grow and bloom into something new because you’re so obsessed with getting THAT feeling back.

Well, you can’t get it back. It’s gone.  So instead of chasing what “was”, why not create something new.  Why not make new memories; why not try something different; why not purpose in your heart to grow and do something better?  You are better than what “used to be”.  I once read something that said, “You can’t move on with your future if you’re still stuck in your past”.  Imagine someone trying to walk forward while looking backwards.  Better yet, try doing it.  It’s very difficult, almost impossible, to do, yet you’re still trying to do it.  Still chasing that unattainable feeling because at one point it made you “feel good”.

I will admonish you to locate yourself. If you are someone who’s stuck in the past, snap out of it!  Get yourself together.  Start with a vision.  Where would you like to be by the end of this year?  Where would you like to be in 2-5 years?  Write it down and start planning.  If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.  A plan breeds confidence.  Pray, meditate and seek wisdom on how to see that vision manifest.  It’s time for a change!  You cannot grow if you do not make a change.  Start small.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  You attain the vision by tackling small goals; little by little.  Before you know it, you’ll look up realize you’ve made great progress. The whole elephant is almost gone.

Keep pushing, keep believing, and most importantly KEEP GROWING! You are so much better that what “used to be”


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