Seasons change – that’s something to be excited about!

There’s something about the Spring season that gets people excited. Maybe it’s the freshness of the air, the blossoming of trees and beautiful flowers, the consistent sunny days or the nice warm temperature outside.  There’s something about this time of year that springs up hope.  We look forward to spring cleaning, buying new colorful clothes, planning vacations, cookouts, and other outdoor activities.

This year, the first Day of Spring was March 20, and the following day was a snow storm that caused schools and governments to close for inclement weather. Snow has a way of making people slow down; pause and take a break; and be still if necessary.  Now, that snow only kept most people inside for ONE day, but there’s something to note here – Spring was here, but it didn’t look or feel like it.  The season had changed, but it still showed signs of the previous season.  Could this be a correlation to your life?  You may have just entered into a new season, but it doesn’t look or feel like it just yet.  Stay encouraged; brighter days are ahead.

Did you know that snow helps last year’s dead leaves and grass break down into nutritious mulch that will feed spring’s flowers? Not only is snow useful for flowers, but for the crops that produce the fruits and vegetables we enjoy. So basically, the environment needed the snow in order to produce the things we would enjoy in upcoming seasons.


Your last season may have been a bad one. It may have made you uncomfortable, may have bought you some heartache and pain, and may have even made you reconsider some goals in life.  Whatever it may have been, you have brighter days to look forward to.  Maybe the “snow” you experienced was preparing you (the environment) for something you will ultimately enjoy in the coming seasons of your life.  We all have seasons where our lives are shaken up, makes us uncomfortable, and even makes us reconsider and revamp goals.  But those seasons are setting us up for something greater; a new season that will Spring up hope and good things.  Those not-so-good seasons makes us better equipped to handle the better days that lie ahead of us.

So be encouraged when seasons change. It may not look or feel like the season has changed, but it HAS to, better days HAVE to come, because change is inevitable.

On a personal note:  Most times I write things down and it encourage me as I’m writing it, this is one of those times.  So not only am I helping my readers stay inspired and encouraged, I am also inspiring and encouraging myself.  In many aspects, my life seems to be in transition, as I call it.  It seems like I am revamping and reconstructing goals left and right, I am being shaken up and made uncomfortable and I don’t like it.  But it’s making me consult God in all areas like I used to do a long time ago.  Somehow I fell off from being truly and 100% connected to the Source who has all the answers.

Maybe you fell off to, maybe you find yourself searching everywhere for answers and just cant find any. You might feel lost and confused; you don’t feel like yourself; you are searching for a version, some version of yourself that once made you happy and cant find it.  Where ever you are, find your way back to the Source – God!  I promise you, you will feel so much better.  I know I do!

I am so happy that seasons change and I’m so happy for the natural weather for changing and reminding me, that there are brighter day ahead. Whether you are in a good or bad season in your life, be encouraged in knowing that IT GETS BETTER!

2 thoughts on “Seasons change – that’s something to be excited about!

  1. Melva says:

    This one definitely spoke to me and where I am today. I heard so much regarding where I am today. Getting back to some version of the women who once looked to the source for where ever He wanted to take her as the seasons changed.
    Another GOOD read Trice! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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